“This woman does everything…She’s amazing.”
- Kelly (Radio Host, Live with Aaron and Kelly, 1050 AM)

“I have used Savvy Services for the past year, and highly recommend it.”

“I have used Savvy Services for the past year, and highly recommend it. Despite the varied scope of services, each I have been witness to be professional and well done. Mocha Guna has been a reliable and caring dog walker for me for over a year, and my puppy loves her! I trust her totally to enter my home and leave it undisturbed; in fact I even use her to collect my mail and deposit checks for me when out of town. She never lets me down.
Last year I needed numerous dental surgeries that required drives to and from the dentist due to my sedation, she was as caring an escort to me as she is to my dog.
I have also attended events that she has catered, and enjoyed the food and drinks.
What more can I say? Mocha is detail orientated, conscientious and kind. She is also very affordable- I say give her a raise!”
- M.Capozzi (Celebrity Hair Stylist/Colorist)


“I was both relieved and delighted to discover Savvy Services.”

“Due my increasingly busy schedule and a recent, labor intensive cross country move, I sought out professional home organizational assistance for the first time. Following a few less than ideal experiences with other “professional organizers,” I was both relieved and delighted to discover Savvy Services. Mocha is highly professional, efficient, trustworthy and truly a pleasure to do business with. I have her # on speed dial for both myself and my clients and highly recommend Savvy Services to anyone looking for top quality professional assistance.”
- Ash T. (Bi-coastal Real Estate Professional)


“Mocha was a delight to work with, a pleasure to meet and worth every penny.”

“I live for loyalty, commitment and punctuality. So when I was told to reach out to company that provides such service, I didn’t hesitate to call. I called the number to Savvy Services and a sweet comforting voice answered the phone. To my surprise it wasn’t a call service or customer service, it was the owner of the company, Mocha Guna. She had a way of making it seem that your life is about to change and it starts with structure and organization.  As we got past the meet and greet process, I started to feel my life already becoming more organized, put together, arranged to where the idea of having more space and time to do more things actually could be my reality. You wouldn’t believe the strain a cluttered live/work environment can bring. On our first day of consult, she came to my house and accessed the space to which I needed organizing, jotting a few notes down and said, “Ok, that would be all”. Sent me a very reasonable quote for service same day early evening, to which I accepted, and the following day, she returned and began to work while I handling my day to day business. When I returned home, there was a different feel in the air, different energy that come over me and made my crowded space more spacious, comfortable and relaxing. Closets were reorganized, office space had “Space”, clothes folded, hung and color coordinated. My house truly became my home. Mocha was a delight to work with, a pleasure to meet and worth every penny. She is very loyal to her clients, committed to her craft and punctual with your time. I still hold a great relationship with Savvy Services as their workmanship is undeniable and I won’t be denied such quality excellent service. Savvy Services is truly the one stop shop for all your life’s needs. “
- H.N. (Producer)


“Savvy Services are leaders in pristine customer service.”

“Savvy Services and its founder; Mocha Guna has been the most helpful to my clients and myself for the last 4 years. The services ranged from pick up and drop offs, party preparation suggestions for events that we’ve hosted, food tastings of their exquisite delicacies, as well as introductions to Savvy Services outside vendors.
Savvy Services are leaders in pristine customer service where they cater to their client’s every need with care, punctuality and always go above and beyond to service their clients well.”
- Miller (Entertainment and Sport Executive)


 “Savvy Services is my go to company for lifestyle management, they get the job done!”

“I am a very busy sales professional and my time is money.  I have a vast amount of business and personal things that need assistance.  Savvy Services is my go to company for lifestyle management, they get the job done!  I have hired Savvy for several types of jobs ranging from organizing, Task Management, Travel arrangements and creating networking opportunities to mention a few. I utilize Savvy Services to get my life in order, so I can attend to focusing on business and productivity.

Mocha is more than professional.  Her College education and experience in working with professionals is excellent. I can trust her, I know that she will handle things with  diligence and respect… Quality is what you get with Savvy and her prices are affordable. Savvy is the best kept secret.”

Thanks Mocha and Savvy Services…
Alexander (Real Estate Broker)