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“My passion is to elevate the joy of those around me.”
- Mocha Guna, CEO of Savvy Services

Mocha Guna is a Sri Lankan-American woman who was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Business Communication and a minor in Marketing. Upon graduating, she then went to work in the corporate world, and later into the restaurant business. After several years of learning and teaching in restaurants throughout Washington, she decided to step out on faith and start her own catering/personal chef company. That company, Spyces Catering, led to a huge opportunity in Washington, D.C., where Mocha was honored to work for high-ranking officials in government, including diplomats and foreign ambassadors. Soon word spread across the country about Mocha’s delicious culinary creations. She accepted invitations to cater events in cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, and New York City. In 2005 Mocha decided to take another leap of faith – she moved to Los Angeles to cater more directly to the entertainment industry. The reputation she built around the country allowed her to immediately create a buzz in the industry about Spyces Catering: her first of many high-profile clients was Patti LaBelle. As Spyces Catering grew and her clients began to rely on her more and more, Mocha realized that many of her clients needed help in more than just the kitchen. So, after a year of brainstorming and planning, she decided in the fall of 2013 to launch a full-service lifestyle management company. As a result, Savvy Services was born. Whether by creating a fantastic meal to warm bellies, or organizing a living room to warm spirits, Mocha realizes her passion when her clients’ needs are satisfied.